National Caffeine Awareness Month - March 9


By Lunatictm

What is National Caffeine Awareness Month?

March is declared to be the National Caffeine Awareness Month and this campaign serves as a good reminder to always be careful of how much caffeine you consume a day.

According to the 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for America, published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in the United States, the most consumed type of caffeine by the comes from coffee, tea, and soda.

About 400 milligrams of caffeine a day – or about four cups of coffee – is considered safe for most healthy adults, though you should always keep in mind that caffeine content in beverages varies widely and with this amount of caffeine intake gives different outcomes to our body.

Mixing caffeine with alcohol should always be avoided.

In general, a good rule of thumb is, if you feel overly restless after drinking a caffeinated beverage, it is time to stop caffeine intake as it may lead to sleep problems, migraines, and other health issues.

 How to celebrate Caffeine Awareness Month?

To celebrate Caffeine Awareness Month, give time to do some research into this commonly found stimulant. Learning about what a beverage contains allows you to make better choices when shopping. The amount of caffeine needed to cause this differs from person to person.

Take Note Of Reducing Your Caffeine Intake:

Cut down slowly on the amount of caffeine in your meal. Once you developed a dependency on caffeine, an abrupt cutback can cause headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and even flu-like nausea and muscle pain and these symptoms are called ‘caffeine withdrawal.’


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