National Clam Chowder Day - February 25


By AS Food studio

What is National Clam Chowder Day?

National Clam Chowder Day is celebrated on the 25th of February. Whether it's for your hangover, for the cold weather, or you just really prefer having soup, clam chowder is always an option. If you haven't heard of clam chowder, then you are probably missing out a lot without this tasty food.

Well, clam chowder is a type of soup that contains either clam itself or fish, which is also commonly made up of milk, chunks of potatoes, and onion.

This recipe started on the New England area, which also serves as an inspiration for another version of Clam chowder to be created, such as Minorcan clam chowder, Long Island clam chowder, Manhattan clam chowder and many more.

Initially, this was used for a sailor diet eventually becoming one of the staple food for various restaurants and loved by a lot!

How to celebrate National Clam Chowder Day?

Celebrating National Clam Day is easy! Just pull off your favorite recipe of this clam chowder, and make it on this day. You can also ask your family or loved ones to help you, and mix your ideas to create a memorable soup you can enjoy with them afterward.

Quotes to live by National Clam Chowder Day

"Today we take New England clam chowder as something traditional that makes our roots as American cooking very solid, with a lot of foundation. "

But the first person who decided to mix potatoes and clams and bacon and cream, in his own way 100 to 200 years ago, was a modernist."- Jonas Andres

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