National Compliment Day - January 24


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What is National Compliment Day?

In 1998, Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman from New Hampshire and Concord drew attention to the benefits of giving compliments and established National Compliment Day which is celebrated every January 24. According to their findings, expressing positive compliments and praise is said to generate happiness, not only to the receiver but also to the person who compliments. Due to the positive air, it brings about, it can also help people establish trust as well as positive relationships with others. You might even get a compliment back for having a keen eye for the good in others, so don’t hold back and compliment away.

How to celebrate National Compliment Day?

This upcoming National Compliment Day 2019, give out good vibes by complimenting your family and friends. Aside from normally saying positive remarks to others, there are many other ways to celebrate National Compliment Day. In this age of technology, one easy way to express your admiration to others is by supporting their social media posts. An online like, heart, and comment can go a long way. Make it more engaging by using emojis, photos, and gifs. On the other hand, if you’re feeling brave and up for a challenge, spice up your day by complimenting a person who stands out but is a complete stranger to you, but make sure that what you say is appropriate.

Although there is a specific day for compliment giving, National Compliment Day also serves as an encouragement for people to make it a habit to give out compliments. For this special day though you can be more extra and creative with the best compliments— don’t forget to be sincere.

What are the benefits of paying compliments?

Aside from having a positive experience with others, giving compliments offers more benefits to the giver and the receiver.

It Has a Motivating Power

Humans thrive more when they have a sense of validation. Sometimes people need an extra push from someone else to know that they are worthy and capable of getting things done. Even a simple positive compliment can help. 

It Builds People Up

Although the main purpose of National Compliment Day is to practice the act of giving compliments, receiving compliments is also a bonus to this special day. If done right, being the receiver of compliments can make someone feel more confident in themselves and have a better self-image. As a giver, it can also make them feel good about themselves for having an eye of the good in others.

It Fosters a Positive Environment

Making the effort to compliment other people is in itself a good act which results in good outcomes, most particularly a positive environment. Even the smallest of actions can lighten the mood of a specific person or place.

Quotes to live by on National Compliment Day

“I just think it’s silly to be stingy with compliments. If you see someone and they strike as beautiful in any way, why not let them know? ~Jill Scott 

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