National Girl Hug Boy Day - January 11


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What is National Girl Hug Boy Day?

National Girl Hug Boy Day is a celebration of displaying affection with one another, particularly from girls to boys. Every January 11, girls are encouraged to give free hugs to the people they value in life or even kind strangers. A girl hugging a boy in this national day doesn’t necessarily have to be between romantic partners as the act of hugging doesn’t always signify romantic relationships, most especially for Hug Day.

Dating back from 1986, Kevin Zaborney from Michigan initially introduced the concept of giving free hugs. A lover of hugs, Zabornery advocated the benefits of hugging which birthed the special day of National Hug Day on January 21. Closely related to the official holiday of National Hug Day, National Girl Hug Boy Day 2019 still holds true to this celebration — doubling the love for hugs and affection for each and every one.

How to celebrate National Girl Hug Boy Day?

National Hug Day might just involve the act of giving free hugs, but there are actually many ways to give a hug. Be creative with how you hug to express yourself beyond words with different types of hugs.

1. The Cuddlebug - A girl and boy hugging can prolong their expression of affection by embracing one another closely and resting on each other’s arms. A kind of hug for those who love to cuddle, it is usually reserved between romantic partners and close family members due to the intimacy it entails.  

2. The Squeeze Hug - One of the basic types of hugs, the squeeze hug is just how the name calls it to be. With both arms, a girl can hug a boy with all her might by squeezing him in her clutch. Often this hug signifies how much one adores the other and can be done in both platonic and romantic relationships. 

3. The Pal Hug - Also known as the buddy hug, the pal hug is a type of hug that is calm. For platonic relationships, a boy and girl hugging one another side by side can denote different kinds of moods. Depending on the situation, it can be used to express the delight from seeing one another to comforting a friend when they’re feeling down. 

4. The Online Hug - The online hug is also fondly called the virtual hug. A girl can give a hug through online messaging by typing it in or even sending a picture and emoji along with it.  

What are the benefits of hugging?

Without the use of words, one can express their affection to the people they love, specifically by hugging. As hugging can be done in both romantic and platonic relationships, or even to strangers who look like they need it, it can be considered as a universal act of affection.

There’s actually more to hugging than conveying one’s love. As humans, to give a hug can be equivalent to sharing happiness. Scientifically, hugging actually helps our bodies release Oxytocin which is a chemical that aids our body to fight off fatigue, illnesses as well as reduce cravings for unhealthy food and vices.

Quotes to live by on National Girl Hug Boy Day

“Hugs are the universal medicine.”

“The handshake of the heart is our hugs.”

“A hug is worth a thousand words.”

“You would get a hug right back, like a boomerang.”

~M.J. O’Halloran

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