National Hat Day - January 15


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What is National Hat Day?

Every January 15, National Hat Day is being celebrated all over the world. This event mainly showcases and features different types of hats and their symbolism. During the ancient era, hats were used as a symbol of social status. You can imagine a female American wearing fancy hats such as Victorian or cloche hats, which symbolizes belonging to a higher ranking in society. You might not hear about it, but in Rome, a hat which is called, “Liberty caps” were given to slaves that signifies that he has regained his freedom. Through different types of hats, your position in the hierarchy can be easily classified.

Also, National Hat Day is dedicated to hats, being the oldest accessories used over the past centuries, where through time, now used to avoid direct sunlight or used to cover heads when raining.

Types of hats and its use, as well as symbolism, might differ in each country, however, it is best to understand that these will be going to continue being part of everyone’s lives and identity.


 Trivia about hats

 Have you heard about Panama Hats? Panama hats were usually used during summer, and it resembles a Fedora hat. However, the funny fact is Panama hats weren’t really made in Panama but in Ecuador!

 According to, colors of hard hats can have meaning and are used to distinguish roles on the construction sites and for safety. White hard hats wear supervisors or engineers, blue - technical advisers. Safety inspectors wear green hard hats. Yellow hard hats wear laborers while orange or pink is reserved for new workers or visitors.


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