National Lager Day - December 10


What is National Lager Day?

It’s National Lager Day! Lager is a type of German beer that is bottom-fermented and lightly hopped. It is usually stored for at least three weeks after brewing before it is served and is typically characterized as a light, refreshing, summer beer. Lager Day is the perfect time to enjoy this delicious blonde drink and to learn a little bit about the history that sets it apart.

The History

The background of the day is relatively unknown but breweries and lager lovers alike relish the national observance! However, in the beginning, warm fermentation was the only known method of making beer, therefore, all beers were ales. Cold fermented beers first appeared in Bavaria in the 16th century. By the turn of the 19th century, Bavaria Lager was born — it was the result of brewers experimenting with the benefits of storing beer for long periods in cold environments. These drinks are then transported to places where the temperature remained low, first in cellars, and then transported to the caves of the Alps. They would then be packed in ice from the mountains or lakes and left to “lager” or “to store” over the summer. Lager brewing was brought to America from Europe in the 1840's. Pale lager is the most popular type, but it is not the only kind. Nowadays, dark lagers are now becoming more well known and popular.

Lager is one of the two main types of beer, ale being the other one. The difference between lager and ale is that lager is fermented and conditioned at low temperatures while ale is brewed using a warm fermentation. Pale lager is the most widely consumed style of beer in the world.

Lagers don’t always get the appreciation they deserve. Too often, people characterize lagers as being weak and bland. Some people even say that they’re pale and yellow like pee, but carbonated and fizzy. However, some people think otherwise.

How to celebrate National Lager Day?

On National Lager Day, many breweries and pubs host various events such as beer tastings and brewery tours. So, head on to these pubs with your friends and families and enjoy a taste of this crisp and refreshing drink, though we encourage you to participate in these events, you must also drink responsibly. You can also head to your favorite pub and enjoy a refreshing brew of your favorite lager or try brewing your own. Lager Day is your opportunity to broaden your palate and enjoy the history of one of the world’s favorite beverages.

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