National Monkey Day - December 14


What is National Monkey Day?

Do you believe that humans are brothers and sisters of monkeys? This may sound funny, but yes, you are one with monkeys! If you still don't know, humans and monkeys, specifically chimpanzees, were both primates coming from the same ape ancestor; however, during the past age, these two species evolve differently.

Now, this December 14, celebrate with your brothers and sisters by visiting the zoo this National Monkey Day! Or you can greet your siblings or friends, a "Happy National Monkey Day!" just for fun.

Kidding aside, this is a celebration not just to make fun of someone, but this is held for a terrific cause, and this is to raise awareness about the biodiversity of these primates. If you are not aware, a monkey has more than 260 kinds of species, and each of everyone plays an essential role in nature.

Quotes to live by on National Monkey Day

“When we were monkeys, we were more human because we were at least not destroying the nature those days!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

“By trying often the monkey learns to jump from the tree.” - African Proverb

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