National Pack Your Lunch Day - March 10


By Elena Veselova

What is National Pack Your Lunch Day?

National Pack Your Lunch Day is celebrated every March 10th. On this day many people prepare their lunch and pack their lunch to work or school. Cooking your own food and eating it at work or at school is healthier than buying at a fast-food restaurant. You can add fruits and vegetables to a proper diet and can even save money.

How to celebrate National Pack Your Lunch Day?

Parents enjoy this special day by making their child’s packed lunch extra-special. You can showcase your creativity by designing the food of your child. You can give treats and sweets depending on the rules of your child’s school. Research your special recipes and try new recipes so your children will taste something new. They will be excited to eat during lunchtime.

If you are making your own lunch, you can research easy to make recipes. You can choose yogurt, salad or granola. Save money and be healthy at the same time! Have quality time with family on a lovely picnic at the park.

Fun Facts About Lunchbox

· Did you know that in the year 1935 the first character used on a lunchbox is Mickey Mouse?

· The first-ever lunchbox was based on a Tv show and called the Hopalong Cassidy lunchbox.

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