National Pancake Day - March 12


By VasiliyBudarin

What is National Pancake Day?

Pancake is made of batter and fried on a pan. The ingredients of pancakes have different meanings. Eggs symbolize creation. Flour stands for the staff of life. Salt symbolizes wholesomeness and milk represents purity. The toppings you can use for your pancake is syrup, caster sugar, butter or lemon juice.

How to celebrate National Pancake Day?

In the UK, people celebrate National Pancake Day with a fun race where many people will race and toss pancakes in the streets. You have to continuously flip the cooked pancake in a frying pan and get to the finish line. In London, people celebrate Pancake Grease. Boys have a procession in the playground. The cook will toss a very big pancake in a five-meter high bar. The boys will race and grab the pancake. The one who has the biggest portion of the pancake will win a cash prize. You can also celebrate this special day with the whole family by cooking pancakes in your home.

Fun Facts About Pancakes

1. Aunt Jemima mix was the first pancake mix which was created by The R. T. Davis Milling Company in the year 1890.

2. Dominic Cuzzacrea held the record of numerous pancake flipping. He completed the marathon in 3 hours, 2 minutes and 27 seconds at Niagara Falls in 1999.

3. Manchester, England held the record of the largest pancake in the world. The pancake made was 6,614 pounds in weight and 49 feet in diameter.

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