National Pi Day - March 14


By Oksana Mizina

What is National Pi Day?

National Pi Day is celebrated annually every March 14, wherein this day is an opportunity for everyone to appreciate the constant and infinite digits of Pi, at the same time to encourage an individual to take time to enjoy numbers.

The first celebration of National Pi day was organized by a Physicist Larry Shaw, which was participated by students and people while consuming the delicious pie! This day is dedicated to Mathematicians, students, and teachers, as well as along with this celebration is the special day of the famous scientist and mathematician Albert Einstein.

How to celebrate National Pi Day?

Of course, talking about Math and the possible combination of numbers within pie is a must, and it is more fun if you are accompanied by your friends or family. Have a Pi reciting contest and those who can recite the furthest will win the game, and guess what the prize is? Undoubtedly, it’s a pie!

Pi and pie were homophonic based in English, that’s why people decided to twist it, and amazingly, a pie is round in shape. Pi is the measure of the ratio of a circle’s circumference from its diameter, making it interwoven.

Thus, celebrate the day by throwing a Pie Party, and try to guess the circumference of your baked pie through the Pi!

Quotes to live on this National Pi Day

“Pi is an infinite, non-repeating decimal.

Meaning that every possible number combination exists somewhere in pi.

Converted into ASCII text,

Somewhere in that infinite string of digits is the name of every person you will ever love,

the date, the time, and the manner of your death,

and the answer to all the great questions on the universe.”

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