National Pie Day - January 23


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What is National Pie Day?

On January 23, satisfy your cravings for a savory treat on National Pie Day. ICreated by a nuclear engineer, Charlie Papazian, during the 1970s, National Pie Day was marked to be on Charlie Papazian’s Papazian’s birthday. Soon after in 1986, it became an official holiday with the voluntary sponsorship of the American Pie Council. The sponsorship was in honor of the 75th anniversary of Crisco’s all-vegetable shortening which was used by many to bake pies.

For the upcoming National Pie Day 2019, get ready to get stuffed as many establishments will offer discounts and even free pie on this special day.

How to celebrate National Pie Day?

Pie-lovers are in luck for Pie Day as their favorite pastry will most likely be made and sold for a fairer price in celebration of this special day. Aside from delighting oneself by eating pies, there are many other creative ways to celebrate National Pie Day.

Hold a pie-eating contest

Pies cost less than usual during National Pie Day, it is the perfect time to get a bargain for some discounted pies or even get as many free pies as you can from your local bakeries. With all the pies that you can get, and bake if you desire, you can call all your family and friends and treat them with pie with a twist by holding a pie-eating contest.

Share the excitement online

Using the hashtag, #NationalPieDay, you can see what people are up to on this tasty day. Aside from entertaining videos of people trying different kinds of activities with pies, you are more likely to see more new recipes on Pie Day. There might even be some odd combinations that you might want to try yourself.  

Watch baking tutorials

For those who aren’t adept in baking, Pie Day is your chance to learn how to bake your own pie and learn the basics of baking. There is a wide variety of videos online that show how to make pies from the usual apple pie to the never heard of vinegar pie. You can even opt to make your own pie tutorial and post it online if you get to discover your own unique pie recipe.

Quotes to live by on National Pie Day

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”  ~David Mamet 

“Pie makes everybody happy.”  ~Laurie Halse Anderson 

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