National Proposal Day - March 20



What is National Proposal Day?

Proposals can be scary. This day is for those patiently waiting for that special person to come into their life. National Proposal Day celebrated on 20th of March, observed on both the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes, is an opportunity to let your loved one know that you are open to a marriage proposal.

How to Celebrate National Proposal Day

Celebrate Proposal Day by making a proposal (if you’re ready) to take that big jump into life. Find the courage and faith to get down on one knee, or make time for those you love to set up that big moment.

If you think your idea is not working out, then take the time to recover and understand that life will continue. Approach Idea Day Talking about whether or not you want to make the big step that can transform your life in a different timeframe.

Quotes to live by on National Proposal Day

“If I ever meet a girl who suggests a visit to Kwik Trip for a dinner date, I’ll propose on the spot.” ~James R. 

“All you need is love.” ~Paul McCartney 

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