National Spaghetti Day - January 4


What is National Spaghetti Day?

National Spaghetti Day is celebrated annually on the 4th of January. It is a day dedicated to enjoying the wonders of the long and thin pasta. It is not clear when the holiday began, but a lot of people in the world seem to enjoy celebrating it. In the spirit of Spaghetti Day, many people like to eat pasta together with their friends and family. The people celebrating Spaghetti Day also commonly post about their lunches or dinners on social media with #NationalSpaghettiDay.

Compliments to the Chef: How to Enjoy Spaghetti

We all enjoy spaghetti differently and each person has his/her own preferences when it comes to the flavor profiles that it can be cooked with. Some people prefer salty food while other people prefer food with a more sour flavor and a hint of acidity. Thanks to these differences, many cooks and chefs have created different sauces that go well with the pasta. There are a ton of different sauces that go with these noodles such as Pomodoro sauce, marinara sauce, tomato sauce, carbonara sauce, pesto sauce, or even garlic oil (Aglio e olio). One such example is the Ragù Alla Bolognese or Spaghetti Bolognese which utilizes tomatoes (usually in the form of homemade tomato sauce or paste), wine, soffritto, and ground meat. This kind of spaghetti goes well with Caesar’s salad, Bruschetta, and a fine red wine such as a Sangiovese or Cabernet variety.

Viva l'Italia and a happy National Spaghetti Day!

All that being said, many restaurants and households around the world serve spaghetti of different kinds. Some people who may be in a hurry or too lazy to cook may use store-bought and packaged spaghetti sauce while some of the finest chefs in the world make their pasta and their spaghetti sauce from scratch with only the finest ingredients. I think, however, we can all agree that there is a reason that spaghetti is so popular, and that’s because it is can be versatile, convenient, and delicious all at the same time. National Spaghetti Day may not be a mandated or official holiday by any means, but how big of an impact it has left on the world of cuisine should be reason enough for us to celebrate. Go grab your forks, twirl your pasta, and enjoy National Spaghetti Day!

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