Neighbor Day - March 29


By Iakov Filimonov

What is Neighbor Day?

Every last Sunday of March, Neighbor Day is being celebrated, with the aim to encourage social connections between people. Culture and belief are formed by a group of people with common grounds and it will only happen through interactions.

Moreover, as a solution to the growing population of people who are suffering from mental illness, Neighbor Day gives them the opportunity to engage with people, and to learn the benefits of being socially active.

How to celebrate Neighbor Day?

Neighbors might indeed be annoying sometimes, but in times of trouble, they are the ones who will act like a family, always ready to accept and lend you a hand in times of trouble. This might not be a case for everyone, but inevitably, you have at least encounter once in your life a nice neighbor, which is worth keeping.

Quotes to live by this Neighbor Day

“My neighbors were yelling so loud at their kids to clean up their room , that out of fear, even I started cleaning my room.” 

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