New Year's Day - January 1


What is New Year’s Day?

New Year’s Day is celebrated every 1st of January, which is also the first day of the Gregorian Calendar, the most common basis to track days and months. This is mostly used by people for centuries now. Furthermore, this event is also declared as a national holiday and is also the first public holiday of the year.

Furthermore, New Year’s Day is interwoven with New Year’s eve, which is celebrated the night of every December 31. The new year is also essential for the religious group of people, for this is the time of circumcision and naming of Jesus.

How to celebrate New Year’s Day?

Every year, this can be considered as one of the most awaited events due to the excitement it brings. Usually, many activities happen during this celebration. Midnight masses are present and you can attend it together with your family and loved ones. It is a must to say thank you for all the blessings you have received and continue to ask for guidance for the new leaf of the journey. After the mass, people celebrate the last feast before the bidding goodbye to the past year and welcoming the coming year.

Also, during New Year’s Day, traditions can’t be forgotten; buying round foods for good luck, jumping as high as you can to become taller, as well as wearing clothes with polka dots for luck to stick on you for the whole new year.

It is also popular to make New Year resolutions, wherein you have to reflect on your past personality, habits, and deeds for and list it down, with the intent to change or correct it for the upcoming year. However, a reminder to all that you can always adjust your mistakes even if it is not a new year.

Top 3 Popular Traditions every New year

1. Creating Loud Sounds

During this holiday, you can’t say it’s a New Year if there are no horns’ sounds, bells ringing, fireworks shows, and firecrackers displays, as well as loud music along the streets. This is a tradition that started for quite a while now, making the celebration as lively as possible.

2. Countdown Events

This is the most exciting part of the New Year—waiting for the clock to point at exactly midnight. Together with your family, friends, relatives, and loved ones, shouting “Happy New Year!” while watching the fireworks display or while opening the champagne and tearing the past year’s calendar is truly the best.

You can celebrate this in your house, but you can also join the crowd inside malls or parks, where this modern era, people prefer to hang out together with other people for a change.

If you’re with your special one, you can also try the tradition of “kissing the person you want to kiss for a lifetime” at exactly midnight.

3. Playing “Auld Lang Syne” Song

Robert Burns partially write this song, and this can become a bit emotional, as you sing it with the people that give meaning to your year. Reminiscing the “good old days” is where this song revolves.

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