New Year's Eve - December 31


What is New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year, December 31. Most countries celebrate New Year’s Eve at evening social gatherings and spending the night by eating, dancing, drinking, and sometimes watching the fireworks.

It is but again, the end of another year. Let’s say goodbye to 2019, and wave hello 2020! You deserve a pat in the back for going through another year. It may have been the best year ever for some of us, or it may be the worse. Hence, we are still here to celebrate this magnificent moment to welcome the year 2020. There are so many different ways to celebrate New Year's Eve. You can join a party with a bunch of friends or people you don’t know of, you can host a chill party night at home with a couple of people, you can have fun by going overboard at a bar or a restaurant, or you could do nothing at all and just enjoy the night.

How to celebrate New Year’s Eve

If you are a party girl and prefer going out and about or the complete opposite, on this eventful day, maybe, you may consider some of these ideas on things you can do on new year’s eve!

1. End the year 2019 with the best meal. One of the most fun things to do on New Year's Eve is to go out for the year's last dinner, you may check out restaurants online for something fancy you like or just a simple dinner would do. 

2. Attend the most famous New Year's Eve in New York Square. Yes, we know how crowded New York Times Square will be. But if you can visit this place, sneak in some time checking the concerts and happenings, you'll witness one of America's great annual spectacles.

3. Enjoy music festivals 'til early morning. There can be a lot of music festivals that will celebrate New Year’s Eve that you can choose from. Festivals like SnowGlobe, Kaskade NYE or Countdown NYE will be held this year to celebrate, too! If you are into Jazz, there are a lot of jazz clubs that can stay open just as late and let you ring in the New Year with a live band.

4. Stay at home and watch flicks at home. On New Year's Eve, the movie theater is a super laid-back spot and may be filled with movie watchers. 

5. Save this as your "Me Time" Bake yourself something, go to a spa, schedule your whole day made for yourself—do whatever that puts a smile on your face. This is your own holiday, after all. 

6. Make a Toast, Congratulate Yourself. Whether this can be your moment of reflection to this year that is coming to an end, may you celebrate it at brunch or dinner, or you can send a sweet handwritten card to a loved one, take time to say thank you and count all of your blessings that you have received this year.

And there you have it! This year has gone through a lot of mishaps or a lot of good memories for us to reminisce. Whichever way you would celebrate this special holiday, make the most out of it. May your 2020 be a prosperous one. So, here’s a Happy New Year from us.

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