Old Stuff Day - March 2


By Alexpunker

What is Old Stuff Day?

March 2 is set as a day is to appreciate old stuff, may it be your old keepsakes, old diary, or anything that has been kept long ago. Time flies so fast, and due to modernization, it is easy to turn away to the old times and embrace the stuff that brings convenience.

Admit it or not, there will always be things that you can’t let go, for it holds wonderful memories, more significant than dust and rust.

How to celebrate Old Stuff Day?

Spend a day at your attic and reminisce about the memories tied with old pieces of stuff that you kept for the past years. You may encounter vintage items that might be passed through generation to generation, coming from your ancestors. These items can be refurbished for a new look or can be put up for sale as there are lots of people who were looking for antique items that are willing to pay for a reasonable amount.

If you prefer to keep these items, you can clean it up and put it on display.

Quotes to live on this Old Stuff Day

“People like to bring back the old stuff. These are all classic brands, so they have a history...

It is sort of reintroducing the brand to a new generation, using the old symbols.” -Jack Trout

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