Pink Day - February 26


By Happy_stuido

What is Pink Shirt Day ?

Colors do have various meanings, and it depends on their hue. Red is for love and war, White is for serenity and death, and Pink can be associated with youth, inner peace, and friendship. While girls commonly prefer pink for its beautiful and sweet color, which exudes femininity, it has become an unspoken norm that men who have a liking with pink are weird and will become uncommon.

Pink then serves as a sign for being a female, though, behind this color speaks more meaning to it, which somehow resolved a social issue.

Pink Shirt Day was created after two male students break the barrier and stand against after bullying. Their names were David Shepherd and Travis Price, which decided to wear Pink every day after seeing their co-student being bullied for wearing this color.

This may be a little action, but it is considered a huge step to stop and fight against bullying may it be discrimination, racism, or any other forms of bullying. This is celebrated to spread awareness and for people to understand better that the world is broad, and people should have a more comprehensive concept about human preferences and opinions as well.

How to celebrate Pink Shirt Day ?

Being a bystander is next to being mean as to the one who is bullying a victim. However, you can’t blame a person who chooses to stay quiet and neutral, especially if you don’t want to be involved. But on this day give you the chance to muster your courage and stand for the right.

Pull off your pink clothing and wear it on Pink Shirt Day. You may not stop bullying victims’ trauma, but this can be a way to show to the victims of bullying that they were not alone, and they have other people who’re caring for them.

If you’ve seen or sensed something or someone that can offend or hurt someone, teach them right and tell them to stop.

If you also know someone that is being bullied or discriminated, encourage them to speak up, tell them not to be scared, and let them feel that you are together in this fight.

With these, you can change the world and make it a better place to live.

Quotes to live by on Pink Shirt Day

“If people throw rocks at you, pick them up, and build something.”

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