Pizza Day - February 9


By V. Matthiesen

What is Pizza Day?

Pizza with pineapples? Pizza without pineapples? Pizza with different kinds of cheese?—no matter what flavor or type you prefer, you can pick it all for Pizza day is “pizza all-you-can” day!

February 9 is dedicated to all of the pizza lovers out there! This day can also be a good excuse, especially for those people who are looking for a reason to break their healthy diet and satisfy their cravings.

Though this celebration’s root wasn’t identified, pizza has started during the 18th Century in Italy, wherein people began making flatbread with sauce, chili, cheese on it. Little did they know it will fire up and become one of the most ordered and eaten foods of the modern world.

US has then followed the trend for pizza around the 19th century, making it very popular in the US with Chicago deep dish and a New York-style one. When in America, pizza is almost always available anywhere —that’s how famous pizza is.

How to celebrate Pizza Day?

Though the simplest way to celebrate Pizza day is to eat all kinds, all forms, and flavors of pizza, you can also try some of the things below to twist your day and make it more memorable.

Make your Pizza from scratch.

It would become more meaningful to eat a pizza with your family, friends, or loved ones if you create it yourself. Prepare the ingredients, pull out the recipe you like, and do it! Tada!! You now have your home-made pizza!

Do a Pizza Trip

Meanwhile, if you are not a fan of the kitchen, then you can roam around your city and look for that perfect slice of pizza that you are craving. It may cost some but rest assured that you will be satisfied and eating will make you happy.

Quotes to live by Pizza Day

“You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy a pizza. Wait, isn't it the same thing?”

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