Play More Cards - February 24


By Jacob Lund

What is Play More Cards Day?

Play More Cards Day was established in 2013 by Bicycle Cards, which is known to be the biggest producer of playing cards in the United States. The company began producing their cards in 1885. During World War II, Bicycle Cards were producing cards, where you can find a card that could be peeled apart and it will have a map on the inside. When all the cards in the deck were put together, it made a large map helping prisoners of war to use if they escaped from the custody.

During the Vietnam war, Viet Cong believed that the Ace of Spades as a symbol of death and would flee at the sight of the card. So these Ace of Spades of Bicycle Cards were bought in plenty by U.S soldiers and since then, the earliest known records of playing cards are believed to exist from the 9th century during the Tang Dynasty in China. With well-known card games such as solitaire and poker, you can celebrate playing games on this special day.

How to celebrate Play More Cards Day?

The simplest, as well as the most fun way to celebrate this day, is to, in fact, play more card games. If you have your favorite card games, have fun! If not, find out what you like best by trying out different card games available in the market.

Some people find playing a card game in which you have no partner or team especially fun and challenging, while others prefer the company of another teammate to help them out if they get in a fix. If you’re a person who likes peace and quiet above everything, playing solitaire with real cards as opposed to just clicking on them on the computer could prove entertainment.

Choose whichever card game you want to play on this day, and make sure that you’ll be having a really good time.

Quotes to live by on Play More Cards Day

“A great social success is a pretty girl who plays her cards as carefully as if she were plain.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald 

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