Puppy Day - March 23


By Blanscape

What is Puppy Day?

Puppy Day is also called National Puppy Day in the United States, created by an animal behaviorist, Coleen Paige. Puppy Day was first celebrated in 2006. On this special day, people are encouraged to adopt adorable puppies.

Some places have puppy mills and only use dogs as breeding machines. Dogs that can’t give birth are euthanized or set free on the streets. Puppy Day is the time when people are reminded to care for dogs and help them get a new home. This will help stop puppy mills from operating. Puppy Day is not the only holiday for man’s best friends. Some unofficial holidays for dogs are Dog Appreciation Day, Work Like A Dog Day, Take Your Dog To Work Day, and Hug Your Hound Day. Dogs are helpful to humans. They can assist the blind, guard the house, trainable to smell bombs and cheer you up on a lonely day.

How to Celebrate Puppy Day?

If you have a puppy or dogs, embrace them on Puppy Day. Spend the day with your furry friends. Treat them to their favorite food or walk them at the park. Your dogs will appreciate the love you are giving to them. Dogs have loyalty to their owners and they deserve special recognition too. You can even adopt a puppy to give your pet a buddy. You can watch do movies like 101 Dalmatians and Marley and Me.

Fun Facts About Dogs

1. A dog’s nose print is unique like a human fingerprint.

2. Dogs dream like humans do.

3. Dogs chase their tails due to curiosity, anxiety or fleas.

4. A dog’s intelligence is the same as a 2 years old kid.

5. Dogs are considered to be the oldest domesticated species.

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