Respect Your Cat Day - March 28


By Gorlov-KV

What is Respect Your Cat Day?

Every March 28, a day dedicated to a pet cat is celebrated. On this particular day, cats are being honored. Cats serve as a buddy to every house, a loyal, and easy to maintain pet. Aside from their loving features and gestures, cats are the ones who give joy, help an individual to release stress, especially for cat lovers.

According to a survey asking 1,000 pet owners if whether they would spend a night with their significant others or their cat, 64% answer that they'd spend it with their cats, and this is evidence that cats are more than just a pet.

How to celebrate Respect Your Cat Day?

During this special event for your purr baby, taking care of your cat, more than you do for regular days, is encouraged.

If you don't have a cat, then maybe its time to adopt one. In fact, there are different types of cats, and you may get one with your preferred breed.

Quotes to live by this Respect Your Cat Day

"To make heaven the perfect resting place for a loved one we adore, God made those pearly gates contained a Kitty door." – Unknown.

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