Spinach Day - March 26


By Lecic

What is Spinach Day?

Spinach is one of the healthiest foods for the body. You can also be strong and be like Popeye the sailorman while celebrating Spinach day. Spinach day is celebrated every 26th day of March. People realize the importance of eating vegetables especially spinach on this special day. It is low in calories but rich in Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, B, B6, E, C, and K. Spinach originated in Iran. In 647 AD Spinach was introduced in China and called “Persian Vegetable”.

How to celebrate Spinach Day?

You can celebrate this special day by adding spinach on your meals for the whole day. You can add spinach on your smoothies too.

Fun facts About Spinach

1. It is best to eat fresh spinach. Nutritional properties of spinach decrease each day. Half of the nutrients will be lost on the 8th day after harvesting the spinach. Fresh spinach has crispy leaves. It is not advisable to keep the spinach on the refrigerator as it is best served while fresh.

2. Spinach has 3 categories such as the dark green, curly leaves called Savoy, the flat or smooth leaves found in cans, and the hybrid variety called Semi-savoy which has slightly crinkled leaves.

3. Medieval artists used the extracted green pigment found in spinach as paint.

4. The largest spinach producer is China, which has 85% global production. The United States is the 2nd largest spinach producer, which has 3% global production.

5. Spinach will grow properly in cool and moist temperature. The ideal climates to plant spinach are spring and autumn. The best soil for spinach is sandy soil.

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