Tater Tot Day - February 2


By MSPhotographic

What is Tater Tot Day?

Every year on the 2nd of February, the National Tater Tot Day is celebrated. Tater means potato and tot means little one, thus, Tater tots translated to potatoes for babies. Tater tots are bite-sized nuggets of golden potato goodness which are made from french fry leftovers, now served as a side dish perfect with burgers.

To figure out what to do with leftover potatoes, Ore-Ida founders F. Nephi Grigg and Golden Grigg were able to create the tater tots which we love to eat today. With some seasonings, flour, patience, and resourcefulness, the tater tots were invented and were commercially offered in stores in 1956.

If you're a fan of potato or Tater Tot then eating potatoes or Tater Tot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a great day for you.

How to celebrate Tater Tot Day?

First of all, store up on those adorable little tots. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, do you want your tot? As the meal's main star or as a side player? That's what you really need to think about first in order to plan.

Did you know that there's a new feeling about social media flying back and forth? It's called the Casserole Tater Tot! Yeah and it looks just as amazing! Search for the recipe online and enjoy your meal!

Tater Tot Facts

Tater tots in Australia are called potato gems.

Americans consume over 70 million pounds or Tots per year.

Quote to live by on Tater Tot Day

“A man who has nothing to boast of but his ancestors is like a potato - the best part underground.” ~ Thomas Overbury

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