The 6 Most Addictive Videos on Social Media

December 20, 2019

Unsure on what to post next or running out of ideas to promote your brand? Don’t be afraid to try different things to see what your audience responds to and remember that certain types of videos seem to perform better than others. Ultimately, the following have caught a steady surge of impact on viewing statistics.

1. Interviews

        Have you watched videos where people interview the actors of an upcoming movie and have fun with games and challenges? These kinds of videos bridge the gap between the actor and the viewers. People find interviews relatable in terms of getting to hear the experiences of the actors upon making the film firsthand, together with the interviewer. This hype for viewers makes them anticipate and watch the movie once it hits the theaters. 

2. Behind-the-Scenes


Photo by gnepphoto on Shutterstock

        Yes, this does not work alone for movies. It’s a great way to highlight your company culture by letting them get to know better the people behind the products and services that they purchase. At the same time, it is evident proof that your company upholds the values that you profess. Show the audience the ups and downs and highs and lows of the business behind the product. Better yet, behind-the-scenes is a great way to show that you are not just a business but a family that shares camaraderie among employees.

3. Promotional Videos

        From the root social, social media posts convey a message that you are not a mindless money-making machine. It shows that, like your consumer, you experience feelings like empathy and friendship. People trust people who are like them. Thus, your feature video must be more than just an ad. It is a great way to spotlight a product, yet making it seem like coming from a trusted friend or neighbor than a hard-to-reach conglomerate.

4. Exclusive Promos

        Who does not want a chance to win? Social media is a great way to promote your product by giving your followers an exclusive deal where they may feel special by having access to it, especially when not everyone could. Messenger and IG stories, with their limited viewing time, are a perfect opportunity for such. 

5. Consumer Reviews

        As people tend to trust real people, capitalize on their loyal fans and consumers by sharing some of their content. Influencer marketing is also a great strategy to generate a following by making people that your consumers follow motivate them to buy from you. It is also great when you repost real user reviews from your consumers to show that your company is worth investing in. 

6. Events


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        The arguably bad thing (but good for business) about social media is the increasing FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). You may capitalize on this by posting the video from events that you have been part of. Make them wish they were there joining in with all the festive chaos. Facebook Live and other streaming videos are a great way to show this, especially for events that run for more than a day where your FOMO followers could catch up and attend. If not, recap and highlight videos are great to entice your consumers to attend the next one.

Generally, be creative and be authentic in your social media video marketing. Hook your consumers further into their social media addiction and use it to your advantage for you to promote and for them to buy your product or service