Tick-Tock Day - December 29


Two days left before you welcome another year. Another year to surpass, another year of ups and downs, and another year of blessings and happiness. You might blurt out to yourself how come time flies so fast, yet you felt like you haven’t achieved that much for a whole year.

However, don’t worry for this December 29 is Tick-Tock Day, a time for you to still do the things you haven’t done, just a little bit before the year ends.

What is Tick Tock Day?

Do you have things that you want to accomplish before going out to another year full of the journey? Do you have unfinished business? Do you want to escape the world for a day? Don’t let regrets hunt you and do it this Tick-Tock Day.

It is better to regret that you’ve done it, than regretting not doing it at all. So whatever it may be, take the risk and follow to your heart’s content.

On the other hand, for you to avoid regrets entirely, you should learn to manage your time. No doubt, you are sure busy with other stuff regarding your life, but you should divide your time to spend on other important matters.

3 Best Clocks for your Time Management

In this matter, you should always keep yourself on time. You should practice doing your plan at your scheduled time so that you can keep your work on your ideal pace.

Following are the Top 3 best Clock to use:

1. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

With this Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock, the bed shaker feature of this clock will make you jump off the bed. It has a loud sound as well, so you don’t have any reason to have difficulties in waking up again.

2. Philips Wake up Light

Philips Wake-up light has a colored sunrise simulator features, you set it on your preferred time to wake up, then the light will turn on half an hour before your schedule. As the time gets nearer, the light gradually gets brighter and brighter until you have no choice but to stand up and start your morning.

3. Cubie Charging Bluetooth Speaker/Alarm Clock

Cubie which works as a clock and as a speaker as well will haunt you ‘til you wake up due to its surge protection. It will still work even if you get irritated and throw it somewhere.

Always remember that you can’t turn back time. If you felt doing something today, do it. You can’t simply tell that you can just do it for tomorrow. For today, is different than tomorrow, and tomorrow will never be the past. Regret nothing and make your present-day the most of it.

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