Top 5 Social Media Video Templates for Marketers

December 29, 2019

In our modernized world, interaction and socialization were made easy with the means of Social Media. According to Statista, In the third quarter of 2019, the total of monthly active users on Facebook is 2.45 billion, making Facebook the largest social network. While according to, last May 3, 2019, Youtube has 2 billion monthly users. Knowing how many people are currently active in some sites such as Facebook and Youtube, some people used it as a strategy for their digital marketing. 

Social Media performs a significant role in promoting various brands and services of companies through blogs and social media videos. But the thing is, what is the key to advertising by the use of video? Let us take a look at the Top 5 Social Media Video Templates for Marketers that were listed by Envato. 

5. Ae Rocket’s Instagram Bundle

            If you are looking for a template where you can advertise your product with a modern vibe, then this one is the answer. It consists of different Instagram story templates that will attract your audience, whether it is an advertisement for your brand, services, etc. 

4. PixFix Instagram stories

            Vertical videos are popular these days, so if you want a template that will show your advertisement in a vertical form, this one is the answer. This one is also best for advertising your restaurant, featuring your fashion catalog, and modern barbershops. 

3. Make-Space Latter Day Stories

            Advertising your services with clean layouts will give your audience peace of mind. So if you are looking for templates that will showcase your products with the use of sharp colors and attractive designs, this one is the best.

2. GrussGott Instagram Stories

            Some of us may love some designs that appeal to our eyes and our soul. So if you are looking for a bunch of templates with beautifully produced designs for your events, GrussGott Instagram Stories is waving. 

1. EasyEdit Instagram Stories

            With its aesthetically built templates that are composed of nice colors, EasyEdit gives you, and your audience a breath of fresh air, just by watching it.

 Just like us, a template has its kind of beauty and characteristics. They are pretty and unique in their way. All of them have a wide range of designs that may attract your taste. So whatever template you decide to choose for advertising your products, there will be some people who would appreciate it.