True Confession Day - March 15


By Motortion Films

What is True Confession Day?

This unofficial celebration is founded by Thomas and Ruth Roy from Wellcat holidays and is celebrated annually every March 15. The aim of this day is solely to encourage people to confess their feelings for love or even negative deeds. Christians had their way of confessing to church, which is a form of repentance, religious practice for centuries now to obtain forgiveness from the Almighty.

Confessing gives the person freedom from all the feelings kept inside.

How to celebrate True Confession Day?

Have you ever tried confessing to the one you like? Then this day is your “go-do-it” day. Be honest with yourself and let the one you like know how you really feel.

Going to the church and confessing your sins is highly encouraged today. If you have sinned and would want inner peace, this is the option for you. Lastly, you can have a forum with colleagues who you’re not in good terms with, admit your mistakes if you have some, reconcile with them, and spread friendship.

Quotes to live on this True Confession Day

“Don’t wait for the right time when it comes to confessing your love, Because in this case, the right time is always too late.”-Mohit Sharma 

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