Ugly Christmas Sweater Day - December 20


What is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day started on December 2011 and is now celebrated every third Friday of December and don’t be fooled by this day’s name as it is also made to raise donations for children’s health and well-being.

Supporting one advocacy does not need to be so serious and that is the goal of Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. This day should be absurdly fun at work or in school.

How to celebrate Ugly Christmas Sweater Day?

As the name suggests, the best thing to do on this day is to wear your ugliest Christmas sweater. Rock out and flaunt your ugly Christmas sweaters that have ridiculous colors, shining embellishments, cartoon characters, and dangling ornaments. Don’t have one? Time to buy one or directly donate to Save The Children’s “Make the World Better with a Sweater” campaign.

Essentials for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

  • Excessive amounts of red and green
  • Winter Flora and Snowflakes
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Vertigo Inducing Patterns
  • Shining, Shimmering Ornaments

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