Valentine's Day - February 14


By George Rudy

What is Valentine's Day?

Anticipated the most by couples and lovers, Valentine's Day is celebrated every 14th of February, a day for love, kindness, and faith. Though this can be a romantic day to go out and spread the love, Valentine's Day has a deeper meaning everyone should know.

At around 268-270 AD, a priest named Valentine was captured by Roman Emperor Claudius II for neglecting the set rules, which is not to marry single men fo them to comply with their enlistment as a soldier. However, Valentine still marries couples without the Emperor knowing, not until he was caught. He was imprisoned and was commanded to renounce God, though, he did not waver and even brought a miracle to a soldier's daughter guarding him. He was then beheaded at around 269 AD.

Meanwhile, in honor of Priest Valentine's compassion, love, and faith, he was proclaimed as a Saint, and February 14 was set as a day to honor his martyrdom.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day?

It was around the Middle Ages when England started celebrating Valentine's Day as a romantic day. Traditionally, people would send letters, red roses, and chocolates. It would be nice to do this with your lovers or with your family.

However, for those who are single, don't worry, and you can still enjoy it with your friends or even alone. You can try going to VR theme parks, where you can try the VR boyfriend or girlfriend for a day. You can also bake some cakes or chocolates to give away or an excellent business opportunity to gain some income.

If you have anyone you like and you haven't told him or her, this may be the perfect day for you to confess and let Cupid point his arrow to your crush!

Quotes to live by on Valentine’s Day

"You know you are in love when you cannot fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." -Dr. Seuss

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