Vegan Cuisine Month - February 21


By Magdanatka

What is Vegan Cuisine Month?

From make-up, clothes, shoes, bags, and drinks, a lot of people in this modern era choose to buy cruelty-free products that do not contain ingredients or materials that came from animals.

In addition to this, various people also choose to become a vegan to pursue the movement with conviction. A vegan is someone who eats plant-based foods as their daily diet without any meat.

It may sound tough, for every good and tasty food was made up of meat, right? However, this month of February, the American Vegan Society encourages you to support or at least try this diet, which can also spread awareness of living a "no meat" life.

In fact, there are several benefits of a vegan diet, and some of this related to your health and lifestyle.

Furthermore, if you think that you can only have food satisfaction through meat, you can challenge yourself to become a vegan, even if it is just for this Vegan Cuisine Month.

How to celebrate Vegan Cuisine Month?

To participate in this event, substitute a vegan cuisine to your regular food. You can look for a restaurant that serves such meals, but it will also become more meaningful if you are the one to prepare a vegan meal. There are some vegan recipes that you can look for online, which are easy to follow.

Moreover, there are also some vegan snacks you can try on with your friends, family, or loved ones while watching a movie, or having your trip or picnic. Roasted nuts, rice cakes, fruit smoothies, tortilla chips, and vegan pasta re just some of your choices.

You can also join vegan communities, meet up with them, listen to their stories, and be inspired by their reasons for changing their lifestyles.

Quotes to live by on Vegan Cuisine Month

"People eat meat and think that they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that ox eats grass." -Pino Caruso

"The animals of the world exist for their reasons. They were not made for humans any more than blacks were made for whites or women for men." -Alice Walkerany

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