Violin Day - December 13


Whether you like western music, Korean pop, jazz, rock, or acoustic genre, you can’t deny that music is part of everyone’s lives. You play music while taking a shower, while riding on a bus, or even before going to sleep through your smartphones or iPad. However, this upcoming 13th of December, it’s time to take a break playing mainstream songs and try to upgrade your passion for music and go for classical music, for it is the celebration of National Violin Day.

What is Violin Day?

A Violin Day is dedicated to western classical music, wherein Violin played an essential role in the classical era and what interwoven to the present modern age. Without the prior period, there will be no versatile instrument for you to hear today, especially if you are listening to ballad music. The sound of a violin in a song makes it more heartwarming, and you can hear the heart of a song with the help of its unique tone.

Therefore, this is celebrated in commemoration of classical music as well as recognizing its contribution to the variation of music you have.

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