Weatherman’s Day - February 5


By Andrey Burmakin

What is Weatherman’s Day?

Weatherman’s Day, also known as Weatherperson’s Day is observed on the 5th of February and commends the men and women who work in the field of meteorology. A weatherman is a person who observes and forecasts the weather. They are also known as meteorologists. National Weatherperson’s Day also celebrates the birth of John Jeffries in 1744. Jeffries is a physician from Boston, and one of the first weather observers in the United States.

Jeffries and other weatherpersons dedicated their work to accurately predict the weather and serve the community by sharing their local weather forecasts. These weather reports help prevent disasters and prepare the people for upcoming calamities. Weatherpersons can give us update for the weather forecast of the week and long-range forecasts. One of the notable weather forecasters is Willard Scott, a former weatherman from NBC’s Today Show. He spent 65 years as a weatherman and has retired in 2015.

How to celebrate Weatherman’s Day?

To celebrate National Weatherman’s Day, we can honor our local weather forecaster by inviting them to our schools and classrooms to learn more about their work in the field and what it takes to be a weatherperson. We could also go to science exhibits that explain weather and showcases different instruments used in meteorology.

Aside from that, expressing our gratitude to the noble weathermen in social media can be done simply by tagging them and writing an appreciation post or creating a hashtag. Furthermore, we can simply support them by watching our local and national weather forecasts. We should remember to not take them for granted as they are one of the heroes in today’s modern world.

Quotes to live by on Weatherman’s Day

 “The TV weatherman has always been one of the best, most secure jobs. They change anchors, they change the set, producers come and go. But the weather person hangs on forever!” ~ Willard Scott 

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