Why Social Media Video Is A Must

December 06, 2019


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With social media users spending more and more time watching videos as time goes by, social media networks are happier than before to prolong the video trend. By creating more video content, these social media networks keep users engaged on their respective platforms far longer than any kind of media.

What makes video more important for content marketers is its continuous growth on social media. There are no questions asked that social media video is an essential part of a successful and long-term social media strategy. After all, video content is what Internet is driving today to its great extent. Views and shares from videos across different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have increased over the years.

Today, users of social media are consuming video content way more than before. Look around and you will find that more and more brands prefer to engage their respective target audience and build connections through video. Which means that the demand for social media video is increasing, even though it is still in its growing stage.

The Rise of Social Media Video And Its Advantage For Businesses

The amount of success for both small and big businesses depends on how seriously these companies take social media marketing. If you invest in a not-so engaging social media marketing to grow, you’re probably just wasting money.

There is no denying that every Facebook and Instagram users see how important videos are as an essential part of their online social networking lifestyle. Given the huge growth of social media videos, one should not be surprised that many businesses today are experimenting on producing high quality and appealing video content.


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If you are unaware of the growth of social media video, you should take a look at these rising numbers:

  • Facebook Live videos receive 10x more comments than of a regular video.
  • In comparison to a photo tweet, a video tweet has 5x higher chance of getting retweets and engagements.
  • 90% of videos on Twitter are accessed on the go, starting from mobile devices.

According to a study conducted by Web Marketing Video Council, 60% of brands relies on the power that social media holds today. In connection, there is a fat chance that your competitors are as well depending on social media video to promote their products and services for brand growth.

Compared to the regular marketing contents such as static photos, posters and flyers, the growth of video content creation might have something to do with its characteristics. Social media videos are fast, direct, memorable and has higher possibilities of connecting emotionally to the users.

With social media as the pioneer tool for successful marketing campaigns, it is essential to create attention-grabbing content, the kind that makes your target market/audience stop from scrolling and pay attention.

This would mean that poor content and unethical marketers will leave the table. All you need to do is put your best effort and promote the best video content - without overthinking too much about your competitors.

Your social media video can act like a powerhouse that will help you win over clients by letting you:

  1. Catch the eye of your target market/audience
  2. Connect with them using remarkable content
  3. Convert them into leads and sales

In today’s marketing industry, the competition is becoming pretty tough. Success is measured through leads and sales but the hardest part is really creating and maintaining connection to your audience. Creating your video content might be very challenging but with the proper elements and right materials, the results should be worth all the trouble.