World AIDS Day - December 1


What is the World’s AIDS Day?

This holiday is celebrated every first day of December, where people unite to support the virus-infected people and to stand against HIV and AIDS. This day also serves as an eye-opener, that in this world of media, awareness should be promulgated, as well as the quality of education and informing youth and adults shall be improved.

Every World AIDS Day, you can then use a red ribbon, or you might want to order a bulk of red ribbon to show your support for the AIDS-infected group of people. The amount that will be collected shall be given to the National AIDS Trust to fund AIDS patients’ treatment.

Health is one of the factors you should take care of. Health is also the core of one’s life. You can’t function properly if you are unwell. In this matter, promoting a good lifestyle, avoiding sedentary life, and choosing the best way to keep you healthy is a must.

However, getting sick is inevitable. During these times, you seek help and care, though, in some cases, persons infected with virus are avoided. This is especially true for people who have HIV/AIDS, with a great misconception on how it is transmitted to one person to the other.

What is AIDS/HIV?

HIV stands for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which is a virus that eats up the cells protecting your body against any infection. When these cells become weak or have been attacked, you will be prone to infection as well as diseases. In this case, if not treated, this will then lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, known as AIDS. If a person fails to prevent the HIV, it will develop to AIDS and cannot be treated anymore.

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