World Techno Day - December 9


What is World Techno Day?

World Techno Day is exclusive in bringing more people to the world of techno and for this kind of music to be discovered. It leaves the traces deep within us that touches and brought to life by embracing our vibrant nature. It is limitless in its depth.

The annual celebration of Techno Day is observed on December 9th. Let us unite and celebrate Techno Music also called Detroit’s music, one of the most popular forms of music from across the world.

History of World Techno Day

It was first observed since 2003 and established by Juan Atkins and three others. The date chosen was the birth date of Juan Atkins, an American musician credited as the originator of the Techno Music who was born on December 9, 1962. Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson were called Belleville Three, since the three of them had attended their high school in Belleville, Michigan near Detroit. The Day celebrates the Techno Music which sometimes called Detroit’s music. It’s a musical style that will reach into your inner truth and drag it screaming into the light.


How to Celebrate World Techno Day

You felt excited after knowing about Techno Day, so here’s the first and best way to celebrate this revolutionary musical style is to get out to the Techno event and get show your dance moves! The even a better way to celebrate? Try to make your own techno music and follow online instructions on how to start. The concept behind Techno is fairly simple, but from simplicity has come limitless complexity. To share your experience at the celebration of World Techno Day, don’t forget to use the hashtag #WorldTechnoDay and #TechnoDay.

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